Tintoria di Pollone dye in cones, yarns of various compositions, natural textile fibres (cotton, linen, wool, silk and blended fibres), artificial textile fibres (viscose, modal, acetate) and synthetic textile fibres (polyester: Fidion, Terital, Trevira, Dracon).


The productive capacity ranges from 10.000 to 14.000 kg per day, according to any process dyeing stage, such as dyeing, reactive and indanthrene, mainly for cellulosic fibres.

Plant loading: N° cones (from 1kg):



Tintoria di Pollone is specialized in the treatment and in the Stone Wash effects together with Delavè, Bicolor and Melanges.
Delavè and Stone Wash effects are used also for other types of yarns such as: viscose/linen, cotton/linen, pure cotton, pure wool and wool/silk blends.


Tintoria di Pollone puts into effect, laboratory technical tests with study and development of personalized solutions nearer to the needs of the customers. Besides we can carry out analysis on skeins and agreement of the customer as well as controls of uniformity, suitability and solidity of the colour shade. Important technological investments, research and development an new productive processes have led the company to excell complying with the latest markets requirements.