Linen is the oldest textile fibre in the world; it has been used since the ancient Egyptians, later it is introduced into Europe where it had an incredible development reaching the top in the Middle Ages. Linen is the strongest textile fibre among the natural ones and this is due to its morphology, consequently the linen fabrics are strong and sound. Besides linen is the best fibre as regards the power of soaking up the dampness, ideal feature for a direct contract with the skin, both for clothes and home linen. Linen can be worked pure or blended with other natural textile fibres (wool, cotton, silk) or synthetic fibres (viscose and polyester) according to the weight and the appearance to obtain it is suitable for any production destination. The capacity of renewal of linen in the water allows to obtain a long colour shade range in the dying stage making it particularly receptive during the several ennobling processes which entrance their value.


As regards the yarns sale, delavè linen with a 30-40% of degradation is the main product of Tintoria di Pollone. Together with this article, well-established is the clothes industry, today we propose a fixed stone wash, suitable for other productions, like home furnishing and decoration, with specific tecnical features as light high resistance.


In order to face delivery terms shorter and shorter and to offer a good sale service Tintoria di Pollone has been equipped with a very well organized yarns warehouse, Stock Service, and with products presented in colour-shade case (folders) to grant the needs of the modern consumer.

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